Our Programs

Refugee/Immigrant Young-Adult Neighbor (RYAN) is composed of two key programs:1. RYAN Group Connect: 


        The purpose of this program is to 'break the ice' by bringing together young-adult refugees & immigrants with college students in a fun and relaxed setting, away from the pressures of school and work.

        We do this primarily by assisting campus clubs and organizations with event planning and logistics of connecting their groups with the local college-age refugee & immigrant population.

2. RYAN Peer-to-Peer Friendship and Mentoring Initiative: 


        After a student organization we've partnered with has hosted an event, an e-mail will be sent out this group's listserv, inviting them to mentor a college-age refugee or immigrant.  From this point onward, RYAN pairs meet bi-weekly on campus.


        Throughout the semester, student participants will become educational mentors and lifelong friends by bringing refugee & immigrant participants to classes, sporting events, student organization meetings, social gatherings, and other events which might help young-adult refugees and immigrants to realize their potential in this country and beyond!

CONTACT US: If you'd like to play your part in making someone feel at home, please contact us at info@ryanmentor.org.